an interview with aasha-samara nimo

an interview with aasha-samara nimo

Aasha (@glittergirlclub), her work is beautiful and we have been lucky enough to have levitate mascara worn in some of her shoots. She is an ambivert from South Auckland and we love her. 


explain who you are in 10 words:

Ummm, I like to shoot, style, write, design and collage!


how old are you?

I’m a 1997 baby- 21.



where did you grow up and what was it like?

I was born and raised in Mangere, straight south side. The media demonizes the hell outta South Auckland so it’s super important for me to rep my area code in whatever I do!!

Growing up homeschooled, my favourite thing to do was visit the Mangere Library as we weren’t often allowed to go for bike rides or walks to the dairy unsupervised; so those circumstances happily made me a book bug. My community taught me an appreciation for diversity and an awareness for different upbringings - so south side’s where it’s at no cap!!

what does a normal day look like for you?

I’ll tidy my work area, finish up my daily devotions and start my to-do list. I quickly learned discipline is key whilst working from home.


The cover page for a 6-page print spread Aasha did for Miss FQ


when you were 15 what did you think you would be doing now?

Around that age, I began to struggle with anxiety, body dysmorphia and some other stuff - so besides my ambitions to shoot, travel and style - I didn’t assume I’d be able to build a future doing any of those things. I feel so blessed (and surprised!) with the opportunities I’ve had so far.

why glitter?

I love mixing words to create beautiful imagery out of them! It adds layers to your personality and work.

what piece of work or project do you love the most (that you have created)?

I really love every shoot/zine cover page I’ve done. Right now I’m happy figuring out my style and learning to balance efficiency with my sense of perfectionism.


The cover page for Aasha's latest online zine* "1997"


what is something you think people don’t know about you?

Maybe that I’m an ambivert? Or that I live with a chronic illness? I try to see it as a dope opportunity to connect with others dealing with similar things. The other alternative is to dwell and ruminate on the pain which gets overwhelming real quick - so the more joyful perspective the better.

what was the happiest moment of your life?

When I found God! The dopest no cap!!

what is your biggest fear right now?

It changes routinely - but I’m discovering fear is a spiritual battle! I like to keep verses in my head to defend myself against anxious thoughts and it works for reals.


An image from her MUSE series, featuring levitate mascara!


who or what influences you?

Colours and everyday things. From the blue patterned seats on the train to beautifully designed fruit tea cans sold at small food courts - it’s mad cool when you start to see beauty in seemingly ordinary things like traffic lights and muesli bar wrappers.

what in the world makes you the happiest?

Soo many things. My special mentions include travelling/ chilling with my baby, Studio Ghibli films and eating a fresh mango with my eyes closed.

 An image from Assha's zine "Lychee Romance!"


are you excited about 2019? why?

Yup! Change pushes my personal and artistic potential.


what does beauty mean to you?

The intrinsic knowledge that anything and everything has potential and power.



that's all from Aasha, thank you so much girl xx

instagram handle: @glittergirlclub and @glittergirlfilmclub

Her website is here.


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*magazine, usually a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. 

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